Police continue to use nets to catch illegal racers
Police catch motorbike racers on December 24
Dtinews - The traffic police in Thanh Hoa City considers using a new kind of fishing nets for seizing racers amid mixing feedback from the public.

According to Thanh Hoa police, the use of nets to catch motorbike racers and traffic violators has proven effective, adding that they caught 10 racers on December 24.

The police department has asked a technical team to design a gun that could shoot out the net, which they hope will be more effective and safer.

"The research team is working on the prototype that will hopefully be able to be mass produced," said Lieutenant-Colonel My Duy Xuan, Head of Traffic Police in Thanh Hoa.

The Thanh Hoa police say they use the nets to stop the rear wheel, and they are designed to bring the vehicle to a gradual stop.

This method of stopping vehicles has been used in Thanh Hoa since October, 2011, in response to public outcry over the rising number of dangerous street racers involved in a number of incidents ending in fatalities.

The police resorted to use these nets after other attempts, such as using paintball guns, failed to work.

Design for the net gun


Fishing net catches rear wheel

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